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Overview of packages

@react-facet/core includes:

  • Implementation of core Facet data structure
  • Functions for constructing and operating with Facets
  • React Hooks for working with Facets inside React components

@react-facet/dom-fiber includes:

  • A custom React Renderer that understands Facets natively
  • Implementation of fast-* components to be used in place of traditional JSX DOM elements when using Facets

@react-facet/dom-components includes:

  • React components that have an identical API surface to fast-* components, but not reliant on the custom Renderer.
  • Useful for teams looking to progressively adopt Facets

@react-facet/shared-facet includes:

  • Custom Facet designed to interface directly with game engines that use Gameface
  • Custom Context component for driving communication between React and the game engine
  • React hooks and helper functions for using sharedFacets

@react-facet/dom-fiber-testing-library includes:

  • Testing utilities