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Fast Components

When using @react-facet/dom-fiber as a renderer instead of react-dom, you have access to the fast-* family of components, which are Facet-ready equivalent of the regular HTML components supported by react-dom.

This means that all properties passed to a fast-* components can be regular values or Facets. For example:

<fast-div id="facet-div-0" />
<fast-div id={useFacetWrap('facet-div-1')} />

Here's a list of the currently supported fast-* components:

  • fast-a
  • fast-div
  • fast-span
  • fast-p
  • fast-img
  • fast-textarea
  • fast-input

On top of these, a special case of a fast-* component that does not have any counterpart in HTML is the fast-text. The reason for a custom component is because React does not support functions to be passed down as children to the reconciler, and a Facet is a function.

fast-text receives a text prop that accepts a Facet containing a string. The fast-text component is renderer as just a textNode under the hood, so it doesn't create more DOM elements.

<fast-text text={useFacetWrap('lorem ipsum')} />

Coherent Labs' Gameface support#

The fast-* components also provide access to a series of special Gameface CSS properties that do not rely on strings and use numbers instead. Because construction and parsing of strings is avoided for these properties, they are usually at least 2x faster.


For more details on available optimized properties, you can search for properties ending on PX, VH & VW in the Gameface properties documentation